Ritual – Limited edition print

Traveling round India with a 1955 Rolleiflex MX-EVS film camera is an experience in its self. With only twelve frames on each roll of film, it’s time to slow down and try to absorb some of the grace and beauty of such an incredible country and it wonderful people.

Sitting by the Ganges in Varanasi, it was late afternoon, the days rituals and bathing were coming to an end. Just watching the world through the viewfinder, I look up and the young man gave me the nod, I took the shot.



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Returning from India with 48 rolls of undeveloped film took some processing, the films are now all developed and scanned to a very high resolution (large enough to be printed at 1.5mt x 1.5mt as some were for a recent exhibition).

Each print is produced to a very high standard on a 60″ Epson printer onto quality high grade silk paper. Each picture is supplied with its own 3mm cut mount, a Certificate of Authenticity signed by myself and its limited edition number.

The picture, mount and certificate are then supplied in a protective sleeve…


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