Large Format Photography Workshops

Hands on introduction to Large Format

4×5 Large Format hands on workshops in my studio using the cameras

I shoot with everyday!

Meet the cameras to developing your masterpieces.

2 students, choose your camera, lots of lenses including the “Aero Ektar”

(Plus a far cheaper alternative) plenty of tea, coffee & film …

Price per student – £200

One to one workshop – £260

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Meet the Cameras


Beautiful 1950’s British press camera. based on the Graflex with its top mounted range-finder pre-dating the Graflex top mounted range-finder by at least 4 years.  Selection of lenses to choose from including this amazing f2.8 projector lens.

Graflex Speed Graphic & Aero

Probably the most famous photographer to use this camera/lens combination is David Burnett and it’s often referred to as the “Burnett Combo”.

You can see some of Dave Burnett’s stunning work with the combination at the London 2012 Summer Olympics. While you’re there, check out some of his work during Rio 2016.

Super Reflex 45

Your chance to shoot with the incredible

Super Refex 45 made for me in the USA by Jeff Perry at 20th Century Cameras!

This camera I used to take “The Lane Series
With its huge f2.8 projector lens and heavily modified 1951 Graflex Series D body (No permanent changes made to the original camera)
Shooting wide open at f2.8 requires pin sharp focusing that’s only possible as this camera is “Single Lens Reflex” and has the modified focusing hood.
The reaction from everyone who looks through the viewer for the first time is “WOW!”

A little theory – Lenses, Shutters & Exposure

Cameras & Studio Set-Up

  • Meet the cameras – 1940’s Graflex & MPP field/press cameras etc
  • Basic introduction to what the cameras do and how they work
  • Lenses – Leaf or projector
  • Shutters – we’ll be using and the reasons for leaf or focal-plane shutters during the workshop
  • Film – Which film we’ll choose for the day and how to load it into the film holders
  • Studio – Setting up the still life subject for the shoot
  • Lighting – Setting up the continuous lighting we’ll be using
  • Light metering – working out exposures for the shots
  • Capturing the shots – Putting it all together, focusing, setting the exposure and shooting

Film Developing

  • Developing tanks and which to use?
  • Loading film from the holders to the dev tank reels
  • Chemicals and the process for you to develop your shots
  • Developing times and Apps to use
  • The big reveal when you see your 4×5 negative masterpiece x 6
  • Drying and how to store your negatives
  • Scanning or Enlarger? We talk over the options

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